About us

 Beauty has been my outlet for anxiety, feeling insecure  and expression which lead me to becoming not only a professional makeup artist but a beauty photographer as well. I wanted to create a platform that celebrated both my artistry and helped me cope through my struggles as a mother that still wanted to look and feel Bold, beautiful and bad ass.My Makeup artistry had continued to help me through PostPartum depression after having three kids and not feeling like my vibrant bold and beautiful self. I also began freelancing and working with other indie, and mainstream beauty brands as makeup artist and photographer. I wasn't getting the pay , recognition and opportunites that I felt  I deserved so I began my journey to create those opportunities for myself by creating my own brand and started with a lash line to get the attention that I felt I needed to get people to see and listen.

 8/29 Being my actual Birthdate, my new apartment number and surprising 8 - 29 - 15 being the date I moved into my apartment. 829 Lashes gave me the second chance I needed as a mother, a beauty influencer, and a dedicated, ambitious business woman on the path to create a brand to create inclusivity, sisterhood, a lifestyle and opportunity to others to forge their own path in the industry that wasn't so kind to black creatives, and professional artists longing to feel appreciated, and recognized in a space where we were often times only used for a "look". But to most of us this was actually more than a look it was our passion, it was our dream career, and so much more we just needed the space to be able to show what we could if given the chance.

 As a Professional Makeup artist in the beauty industry I wanted to create a brand for Women of color that represented us in the industry in all realms , often Black artist get overlooked and not given the same opportunities as other influencers. I’ve experienced working with brands and not being valued for my quality work, and not being paid what I deserved to be paid. So I decided to create a brand where I could have something of my own and put myself in the position I wanted to be in, and create my own lane in the beauty industry and reach back to put others in those same spaces I had always wished to be in.

As a mother I want women to feel beautiful even if it was with just a simple wispy lash to complete their everyday slay to make them feel like their Bold & Beautiful selves. And as a beauty consumer and Beauty Lover I wanted to create an experience, a feeling,  a community and lifestyle brand where they can feel apart of something I’m creating that’s bigger than me. And to give influencers who go unseen a platform to showcase their talents in way’s they’ve always deserved. This is how 829 Lashes was created.